This is the debut EP from Year Zero a punk band who were together years ago and have recently reformed to bring us their brand of early influenced punk rock without trying not to dwell too much on the past.

Opener and title track ‘Heart Shaped Bullets’ has a great opening with eerie guitar. The drumming is tight and it has a great sing along chorus.  This has a real pre punk/1977 punk feel  like a cross between the Stooges and the Damned with a melodic vocal with some great harmonies in the middle section, leading into a killer guitar solo at the end.

‘Sky High Ego’ reminds me of something you would hear on Live at the Vortex, punk with some great riffs and a catchy chorus. This is not your average 3 chord thrash and is well constructed and would fit well on the first Adam and the Ants Album. The break in the middle is reminiscent of early Lurkers, Vibrators and the Adverts.

‘Heavy Manners’ has a bit of a Killing Joke feel with chugging guitar and bass and plenty of Tom Toms that glides off into is a crazy post punk mash up akin to the early Gang Of Four. The lyrics are great and there are some good harmonies.

‘Dudes’ is a classic Ramones type song with a twist of Generation X with the lyrics looking both backward and forward and like the rest of the tracks on the EP another great singalong. This band have played some high level supports in recent months and as they say They definitely ‘ain’t finished’ and to me are only just starting again.

Great stuff

Catch them live soon.

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