Review : The Struts – Everybody Wants


The UK band who have taken the US by  storm, find favour with Damian

Hailing from Derby, The Struts are a retro glam rock quartet that consists of Luke Spiller (vocals), Adam Slack (guitars), Jed Elliot (bass) and Gethin Davies (drums).

A ticking clock and some heavy breathing are the precursor to what’s to come, which is a high octane rock n roll trip that is the opener “Roll Up” on this thirteen track offering entitled “Everybody Wants”,“Could’ve Been Me” and “Kiss This” quickly follow in a similar vein.

The next track “Put Your Money on Me” reminds me a little of “Primal Scream’s “Get your rocks off” with shaking tambourines and Luke almost chanting the lyrics.

A wonderful love song follows in the shape of “Mary Go Round” and shows the versatility of this band.

”Dirty Sexy Money” is a song that you can imagine Queen performing as Luke’s vocals are very reminiscent of the late great Freddie Mercury at times.

“The Ol Switcheroo” and “Young Stars” are two great sing a long numbers with lyrics that will have you chanting them long after they’ve finished with “I want what he’s got “ and “You strut around shameless, we love you don’t hate us” respectively. The more throwaway “She Makes Me” is sandwiched in-between.

“Black Swan” is a thumping up tempo tune that gives the bands powerhouse of Adam, Jed and Gethin a chance to highlight their musical talents.

“Times Are Changin” and “A Call Away” are very anthemic numbers.

The final tune “Where Did She Go” is an all for one, one for all musical show piece which rounds the album off.

This is a wonderful High octane, flamboyant and at times sleazy offering from what is a quintessentially English band. I found it at times uplifting, invigorating and truly exhilarating.

I would love to witness how these tunes would play out in a live setting.

I’m sure they’d be able to really Strut their stuff.

Rating 8.5 /10




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