This is the first album from the Leftovers, a young ska/punk band from Stafford/Cannock area.

Opener ‘Johny Pickup’ is a ska tinged ditty which has a very catchy chorus and shows off Jadey’s vocal talents. There are some nice bass runs and the song hangs together well. Jeepers Creepers continues in a similar vein but more upbeat often bordering on early No Doubt. It has a wonderful guitar solo and is well crafted.

‘The Town’ is a great bit of social commentary played to a simple rhythm which is often the best way to get your point across and the whole band push the chorus lines. ‘Can’t pay, won’t pay’ take it away’. ‘Sooner or Later’ is another catchy song with great bass and guitar and some quickfire drumming.

‘God Save the UK’ is more upbeat with a rocker feel and hints of early Clash whilst ‘The Hitcher’ is a more classic ska tune complete with melodic bass, choppy guitar, tight drums and tom tom riffs.

The album gets better as it goes on and ‘Introvert Symphony Part 1’ is like an upbeat  ska White Man in Hammersmith Palais meets I Fought The Law. The playing, vocal delivery and lyrics are excellent and this has a great rocking chorus which is in contrast to the verse but works well. For me this is the best of the lot. ‘Introvert Symphony Part 2’ has a great guitar opening, riffs and solo and is another catchy song almost as good as it’s Part 1.  The chorus will be a great sing along live.

‘Dreams and Promises’ credited to Ade Hunter is another take on life and how things never quite turn out as we plan.  Closer ‘Fight Back’ has elements of Oi Ska should such a genre exist.

You can feel that these guys enjoy what they do and the songs are well crafted and memorable.

To me they are reminiscent of the American group the Go Gos who wrote some great tunes that everyone else then preceded to cover.

I saw Leftovers live at Regeneration festival in Telford recently and their version of the Only Fools and Horses theme tune was very clever, luckily no one fell through the bar.

Will catch them again soon.

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