“We can’t bring it back,” sings Jerry Lehane, on the second track here, the totally glorious “I Love Rock N Roll”. “But we can keep it alive. I love rock n roll, we love rock n roll……”

Those few words, probably tell you more about this record than anything I will write about the three tracks here (and two covers on the CD version) and probably explain the reason why The Dogmatics reformed after 30 years to make the damn thing.

The best thing about “She’s The One” (both the song and the EP) is that it could have come out 30 years ago and still sounded timeless. It’s not that it doesn’t know the 70s have ended, more that it understands rock n roll can still sound dangerous if it is played by a gang.

And this sounds like a gang. Peter O’Halloran’s guitar? You just know its low-slung like a proper player. None of this above the waist crap here. No sir.

The aforementioned “…..Roll” benefits from some organ that moves this into a different place altogether (although there is still a NYD thing happening).

“The Ballad Of Wilbur Ross” sounds as cheery as all hell. But lyrically it is anything but. The US Secretary of Commerce probably isn’t on the Christmas Card list of anyone here, it is fair to say, but still, politics or not, you can’t resist this.

The covers – and I am familiar with neither – are just as good “Summertime” says it wants love, but I am willing to bet a fight would be just as welcome, while “Black Plastic Shoes” is spat out, like the very best punk.

“She’s The One” is the work of men who do what they love and love what they do. There’s not much you could do five times in 12 minutes that is as fun as this.

Oh, and get the vinyl version. Not because the bonus songs aren’t ace, but rather because music like this almost demands that you play it on wax.

Rating 8/10

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