Speedfossil are a kind of power pop/indie come college rock band and the creation of singer -songwriter and guitarist Garret Vandermolen. Garret along with Michael Scotti (bass), Dan Jordan (lead guitar/vocals) and Hector Saint-Hilaire (drums) have been working together since late 2018 and release Speedfossil`s third album `No Anesthesia` this month. It`s an album that  takes you on a sonic and lyrical journey through the landscapes, relationships, observations, and challenges that we all encounter in daily life. 

The album opens with the delightfully uplifting `The Luckiest Man In The World` a gushing tribute to somebody who has entered your world and really rocked it. It`s a charmingly melodic number that has some guitar riffs that almost sound space like along with some pounding drums and enjoys a brief guitar solo around the half way point and harmonising vocals towards the end. We have a more dreamy vibe with `Rag Doll` and nothing like that other New England band that had the Toxic Twins in their ranks. It has a kind of Tom Petty / Neil Young laid back chilled texture about it.

`You Got A Lot Of Nerve` is a mid-tempo melodic number that relates to a relationship that has gone south due to one of the incumbent’s behaviour.  We have another thoughtful quite reflective piece in `Livin The Dream` which has some captivating trumpet blasts and some pensive keyboards towards the end.

`Disconnected` appears to be a contemplative musing on a relationship that seems to be just that with it kind of falling apart with little hope of resolving. It`s a gently melodic number where the pain is almost evident in the vocal delivery. We have a brief soundscape of maybe a sporting event with `And Now…`.

`Simple Simon` returns us back to the dream pop of previous tracks, a kind of number that encourages us to `carpe diem` and take control of our lives if we want to make things happen. There`s a more rock out sense about `The Verge` with some cracking guitar riffs, a guiding bass line and thumping drums leading us along this track which seems to relate to a challenging romance that seems in the balance. We have a really enjoyable sort of musical and vocal jam right at the end.

`The Devil You Know` is another reflective quite introspective submission with vocals that relay the story at an almost detached level, possibly advising somebody that the grass isn`t always greener on the other side. There`s a captivating guitar solo mid number, some nice vocal harmonies, twinkling piano keys and a steady drumbeat that creates the right atmosphere for this meditative offering.  We had something a little different in `Pieces Of Eight` which had it`s rock out moments fused with some more thoughtful sections. A really interesting listen.

The album concludes with the blistering `Count Me Out` which also enjoys some delightful horns interspersed throughout. A number to just let yourself go and rock out with the roaring soundscape provided.

There was much to be enjoyed on `No Anesthesia` and I have to say I enjoyed my introduction to Speedfossil. Garret is an excellent songwriter and singer and has managed to surround himself with some accomplished musicians. This album also enjoys the benefit of guests from  McCoy Vandermolen (trumpet/handclaps), Harold Stevens (sax) and Myles Vandermolen (handclaps).

`No Anesthesia` isn`t trying to be anything other than a slice of feel good uplifting power pop that will leave you with a sense of satisfaction and to me that all you could wish for in these difficult times. Let `No Anesthesia` be your choice of musical unconsciousness.

Rating 8.5 / 10