As anyone with a casual knowledge of Quinn Sullivan is aware, he was appearing on telly in America almost as soon as he could walk.

Now a seasoned veteran of 25, his music has been going in other directions for the last few years.

Album number five is his most personal by a distance, and wherever he’s seeking “Salvation” he’s evidently not finding it in the brilliant opener “Dark Water”.

If that is a signpost to the vibe, then it’s outright Blues, is not really the overriding feel of the music.

Instead, work like the near title track “Salvation (You Make Me Wanna Pray)” adds a fair dollop of soul. Coming on like Lenny Kravitz, the guitar work is sensational.

The guitar is exemplary everywhere on the album. “Rise Up Children” casts him as some kind of Fire and Brimstone preacher, and there’s a real energy here.

There’s a darker feel all around. Whether on the smooth ”I Don’t Wanna Die Today”, or the pop-infused “Once Upon A Lie”.

Country pop bands would love “Better In Love” and the glorious guitar line on “Leave No Love Behind” is worthy of Mark Knopfler.

Look, I’ll be honest, I’m not possessing any romance in my soul, and I’m not the biggest soul music fan in the world, as such I prefer the classic blues shuffle “I Can’t Stay And You Can’t Go”. That is followed by “Nothin’ Gonna Change My Mind” which is damn near disco (complete with a horn section) as if to reinforce that nothing was off-limits here.

The slower, reflective, “Eyes On Me” proves he has a mighty voice, and there’s an anthemic, 60s flavour to “Half My Heart”.

That’s the last one on the album proper; but there’s a bonus cut. A live version of “Eyesight To The Blind” gives a tantalising glimpse into what Sullivan does on stage. He’s marvellous here.

However, as good a guitar player as Sullivan is, on “Salvation” he wanted to do other things, say other things and be what he wanted to be.

“Salvation” is I’m prepared to bet, exactly what he dreamed of when he started making it.

Rating 8/10

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