Policy is a multi-Instrumentalist, DJ, Producer and Composer who releases his latest album `The Abby Rose` this month which follows up his debut album `Echo Chambers`. This new release has flavours of pop, EDM, Alt Hip-Hop, and Electro Pop music and has collaborated with artists from around the world including Amy Jo Scott, Airinna Namara, Hunter Williams, Lil Bonk and Polly Zaremba Dudek.

The album opens with the dreamy intro of `Come a Little Closer` before the almost larger than life pop tinged `Lost` which features Airinna Namara on vocals. A kind of honest admission of feeling adrift as a relationship that seemed so sure seems to be on the slide. The hurt and confusion is almost tangible in the vocal delivery.

`The Walk Away` is another pop shaded tale of heartbreak this time shared with Amy Jo Scott heading up the vocals and delivering a powerful performance. Airinna Namara returns to share `Trick My Heart` and the breathy vocals really gel with the upbeat electronic musical background. A track that will really suck you in. There were some brief synthy/ guitar riffs in the latter section.

`As Long As We` is much more balladlike with Amy Jo Scott belting out this tale of love. A number made for lit phones and cigarette lighters being held aloft at a live show. We have a change of pace with the captivating EDM of `451 – Unavailable For Legal Reasons` a number that will ensure you`ll be tapping your foot along to and nodding your head. It`s a tune that will draw everyone onto the dance floor in a club.

`Fade Away` is a laid back quite mesmeric pop track that has Airinna Namara, Hunter Williams and Lil Bonk rapping / singing throughout. There was a kind of trippy ambience to `Nowhere To Be Found` which has vocals from Airinna Namara relating a tale of coming to terms with life on one`s own after what seems like the breakup of a relationship

`Past The Upset` is another laid back submission with a shuffling backbeat and some flamboyant piano keys which really bring out the best out of Amy Jo Scott`s vocals. The album closes out on a real high with Airinna Namara delivering a joyous vocal on the uplifting `Kaleidoscope Light` which relays the thrill of a new relationship that promises the earth and so much more.

I have to say the was so much to enjoy on `The Abby Rose` which dealt with the highs and lows of life and shared them via a talented array of singers and a variety of musical styles. I hadn`t heard of Policy before but will certainly be checking out his back catalogue. I suggest you should to.

Rating 8/10

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