Very little pleases me more than a three piece band. When it’s done right, there is such a perfect balance to it.

Very little is guaranteed to make me more nostalgic than a fabulous EP. Those happy lunchtimes in Easy Listening in Shirley, or Goodfellas in Kings Heath where you went in so much that the owner knew you and he’d say:  “Here, And, we’ve got something you’ll like, mate.  If you do, just give me the money tomorrow…” for modern readers, it was like the “Customers Also Bought” thing on Amazon, but not as soulless.

There is a special reason for harking back to the 90s for this new five track slice of glorious noise from Molly Karloff, because not only are they a three piece band, and this a wonderful EP,  but it is largely exactly the sort of thing that I’d have been handed in the 90s.

And I’d have given the money tomorrow. No bother at all.

Hooks, you see. You have to love them. And when combined with chunky riffs like on the title track, they are mighty. Put it this way, don’t listen to “Supernaturalation” if you don’t want to spend the morning at work going: “hey honey, have you got the money, have you got the civilisation.” I speak from experience here.

Simon Gullliard helms things brilliantly throughout. But never better, in honesty, than on “She Said”. The first single, which combines chance taking with a crunch – and just assume a chorus that you need inoculating against is a given, yeah?

“Do You Wanna” has a more punky feel, with the rhythm section Dan Podbery (bass) and Jowie Adkins (drums) coming to the fore, “Do It Again” is a real stomper of a thing, while “The Other Side” is funky, bluesy and fun. Just another highlight, really, on a 20 odd minutes full of them.

Along the way – and this is their second EO – Molly Karloff have played with all kinds of acts, metal rock and everything else. I’d bet they fitted in with each one.

A few years ago there was a band I loved called Zico Chain. It upset me hugely they never made it as big as I wanted them to. There are many elements of them in this, but then there are elements of anything that’s good.

This is a real cracker from a band to watch.

Rating 8.5/10

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