Dirty fun and grimy frolics with two of the UK’s finest

Now, this is a recipe for fun. Take two of the UK’s best and most experienced underground power trio’s, tell them to do four songs each. Get artwork done by Dutch artist Maarten Donders, known for his poster designs for Blues Pills and Roadburn Festival amongst others. Then simmer while the god like Tony Reed (as well as being in Mos Generator, he was in Stone Axe for goodness’ sake) masters it. Mix it all together and add volume to taste (we’d suggest loud).

Tasty, right? Hell, yes. And too filthy and disgusting to actually get a food hygiene certificate while its about it.

The first four are Gorilla’s offering and happily frontman Johnny – who is joined by fellow by founder member Sarah Jane and newbie Ryan Matthews on drums – still sounds like he’s gargling rocks with a gravel chaser. Kicking off with the more Motorhead than Motorhead “Both Barrels” it gets more hedonistic from there.  “Slay Rider” slows down the riffs and stomps around in the desert, “Grind Yer Down” adds an admirable degree of sleaze (and by sleaze we mean that it’d fancy a quickie with your mum) and we probably dread to think what “Three Squealer” refers too – although that does get huge bonus points for its massive bass groove and liberal cowbell.

The second half is taken up with the thoughts of West Country boy’s Grifter – and Devon knows, they don’t stray too far above the waist.“Paige Turner” will strike a horny chord with men of a certain age (and while MV is a similar vintage to Grifter we certainly don’t mean us…ahem!) who remember Readers Wives and sweaty hands turning sticky pages”. “Hi Waisted” is built around a groove with more punch than Anthony Joshua and lyrics about living in your own filth, while if you need a pointer as to what “Me Love” is about then skip back to “…..Turner” and all will become clear. They end with “Falling Asleep” which is almost the perfect slice of Grifterness. Swagger, style and sheer enjoyment.

Biker rock hasn’t been fuelled up like this since the times of the first Almighty record. This split is just about the best way to spend half an hour you could spend. Be warned though, you probably wouldn’t want anyone involved here to live next door.

Rating 9/10