Review: Georgie – “At Home” (2020)



Georgie is a singer songwriter from the large market town of Mansfield, in Nottinghamshire.

She recorded “Georgie Live” in Nottingham’s Trinity Church in front of 150 people which was released in 2019. Her debut studio album “At Home” was recorded during the first lockdown of last year and released in August digitally. The interest in the album has ensured that the album now has a physical release.

The album opens with `Company` a laid-back number with vocals and acoustic guitar which at times has some quite intricate chord changes. A track that evokes sentimental lazy late summer Sunday afternoons, of times gone by hanging out with friends. A twinkling piano introduces us to `Simple Things` a reflection on times spent with a partner doing the simple things like watching box sets together or playing FIFA video games. There`s some sweet harmonies on the chorus and with synth and a drum machine running throughout, it induces a sense of wellbeing and happiness.

`Unrequited Love` feels quite sizeable and anthemic. I might even have imagined strings on this composition that enjoys piano and a steady beat from a beat box possibly throughout. A very atmospheric offering. There`s an interesting vibe to `Rules We Broke` which has some quite heavy guitar riffs, hypnotic drumbeats, crashing cymbals and Georgie`s sultry vocals.

`Chasing Kites` has a wonderfully mesmerising feel with the vocals shared quite rapidly almost to the point of being rapped. A cautionary tale of trying to find the right soulmate. We have another passionate almost torrid number with `Now We`re Lonely` which has an almost gospel nigh soulful feel at times with some enchanting backing harmonies.

`Me And You Only` relates to finding that certain someone and wanting to just be alone together. This song enjoys an entrancing drumbeat, swirling synths and some spiralling and alluring harmonies that drift over and under the singer`s alluring vocal delivery. The album concludes with `Blue Waters` that seems to be looking towards a brighter future, possibly romantic or maybe the end of this pandemic. It`s a quite uplifting piece that again has some wonderful harmonies from what seems like a choir and there`s a delightful trumpet that adds it`s positive overtone. A superbly mature submission.


I must admit this is not the sort of music I would listen to normally, but I did find it a fairly compelling listen. It has tinges of jazz, gospel and soul relaying emotions around love, loneliness and romance but has an overall positive outlook. There`s a real maturity to Georgie and with her rich and varied vocal range, there`ll be some interesting genres to explore.

I`m sure there`s a bright future ahead for this talented artist.


Rating 8.5/10


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