Your favourite dirty easy lovers?

If you call your EP #gofuckyourselves then the chances are you aren’t going for the subtle approach.

London’s Diesel King perhaps could do subtle. It’s just that they’d rather take a concrete block to your nutsack instead.

The four slabs (to be fair it would be an injustice to call them songs) here are so heavy, so mighty and so full of greasy filth that you might need a wash after listening to this EP.

And yet, you don’t get to play the inaugural Desertfest, support Corrosion of Conformity and Ramesses, and get asked to contribute to the Metal Hammer “Sons of Sabbath” compilation if you aren’t really good – and as far as British sludge goes this is right up there with the best

“Declaration” sets its stall out from the start, and there is a downright nasty undercurrent of violence about the way it goes about its business – imagine a grimy London take on the NOLA sound of Goatwhore and you are somewhere near, although there is something punk rock about this too and its breakdown at the end makes anything Hatebreed do look like a lot of fuss about nothing.

“Cut The Chord” has the groove of Orange Goblin over some extreme Down riff, and singer Mark O’Regan adopts a Lemmy-esque growl as if to emphasise it’s a very British sound. “Skin Graft” manages to take things up a notch even from there and is even more monolithic than what has gone before, but Diesel King do understand the need for hooks amongst the chaos.

They’ve got more of a sense of humour than you might expect too, given they end things with a cover of Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey’s “Easy Lover”. Now, MV had this on “Now That’s What I Call Music 2” as a nine year old in 1984 and can confirm that it didn’t sound like this then, but blimey, it should have.

An heroically nasty EP with monstrously violent intentions, “#Gofuckyourselves” is everything you thought it might be from the title, but a lot more besides. Just try not to play it when you go round to your nans for tea. Unless your nan is a real badass.

Rating 8/10