REVIEW: Crimson Star (2016)


Brand new stuff from latest in a long line of Birmingham bands to watch. Proud Brummie Damian gets excited

I must admit that I hadn’t come across Crimson Star but now I have I’m all the better for it.

A three piece Brummie outfit comprising of James Shaw (lead vocals, guitar), Roger Ash (Bass) and last but not least Ross Edgington (Drums, vocals)

“Holy Land”, the opener is a superb introduction. A real statement of intent, grinding bass, pounding drums with James’s understated guitar and vocals layered on top. Welcome to Crimson Star.

Next up is “Mexicana” a well structured song with some dark lyrics about a relationship that isn’t good for the narrator but it’s obvious that they will never be able to get away from it despite trying.A slightly disturbing offering with a tune to suit which trails off with the boys jamming along and then wrapping it up when least expected

By contrast, “Waste Away” is a song of hope, an anthem for a better life. Shaw belts out “Why I always close my eyes just to get away, to leave it all behind go a different way” a superbly paced tune with cracking lyrics, reminiscent of  of Therapy ?at their best

another disturbing tale, “Hide Away”, about suppressing either one’s own inner demons or suggesting somebody close does and gives Ross the opportunity to beat the skins and Roger to pulverise us with his bass.

The final track on this five piece offering is Driven.This piece rounds it off nicely with a fast paced churning slice of Hard Rock that I’m sure Maiden and Megadeth would be proud of.

A mention for producer Romesh Dodangoda (Lower Than Atlantis, Funeral For a Friend) who has brought it all together.

So a great introduction for me to Crimson Star, a wonderful twenty minute slice of Hard Rock which proves that Birmingham still has young talent to carry the torch of those that have gone before from the second city.

This Star certainly shines brightly.

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