Men of a certain age will read this and suck a thoughtful tooth. When you get past 45, let me tell you, it’s not a lot of fun. Things ache that never ached before and you can’t sit in a chair without making a noise.

Then when you want to feel even worse, you look at Billy Idol on his promo pics. Leather clad, still looking like he’d take you down a dark alley, deal with you and then pop round and give your missus one for good measure. He’s 20 years older than me. There should be a law against this, frankly.

This middle finger to the aging process extends to the music he’s making too. Following on from last year’s wonderful “The Roadside” EP comes “The Cage” and it’s another that proves that just because you’re getting older you don’t have to make boring music, you really don’t.

A big part of this, of course, is Steve Stevens. His riffing is all over “The Cage” (the track as well as the wider album), a lockdown song, probably. Raging to get out (although Idol had been poorly, so it works there too). The chorus thunders, it soars and it proves how effortless he makes this sound.

This is a diverse work, though. Reflected perhaps in the fact that there’s an array of collaborators here (MV fave Buch Walker being one) and they’ve created a vast swathe of sounds. From the modern grandiosity of the slow building “Running From The Ghost”, to the knowing wink of “Rebel Like You” – a kind of biker gang take on “Bohemian Like You” “I never thought I’d ever get to meet another rebel like you” the hook goes. And probably wants to yell about it too.

The last one, though, might be the best. “Miss Nobody” is basically “Billy gone disco” and it is brilliant. A New York sound, the sort of melting pot we love around here, a timeless flavour that is everything music should be.

Billy Idol was on Top Of The Pops when I was a kid. I can actually remember “White Wedding” coming out and going to the shops with my pocket money to buy the single that weekend with my dad. Fast forward 40 years and one of us hasn’t changed a bit…..

Rating 8.5/10