Review: Aisles: Hawaii (2016)


Garry loves the new one from Chilean proggists

The guys from Chile are a band I must admit I’m rather fond of…..they offer something a little different…..the new album from Aisles is a double offering and mighty fine it is too, we’ve had the track ‘Club Hawaii’ for a couple of months and it gave a wonderful taster of what was to follow.
The Prog world is a generous one… many folk are prepared to give bands from other countries a fair go, we’ve all listened to bands from the USA, Canada and Mainland Europe for many years now but for bands from South America it must have felt in the past that they were trying to get over a much bigger hurdle…..but Aisles are a band that many have welcomed with open arms…..and quite rightly so.
Tracks such as the superb ‘CH-7’ and the Visage influenced ‘Year Zero’ (although not sure the Steve Strange fronted band ever got played in South America) are perfect examples of what Aisles offer…..the tracks throughout this double album take you on a ride where as you get to the end of the track you are listening to….you’re not quite sure what you’ll get next.
If I was to pick a track or two from the album to play for someone who’d not listened to Aisles before I would have to go for ‘The Poet pt 1 & 2’ as I feel this sums up the band perfectly…..brilliant musicianship and excellent songwriting…..add to this the wonderfully atmospheric song ‘In The Probe’ and you have a real good album that might just feature in a few end of year album lists.
Garry Foster
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