Ram-achandran It Down


Power trio with a thing for Blondie…and Valient Thorr, and a concept album

Ramachandran is a female fronted garage / stoner / hard rock power trio from Tuscany (Italy). Thrashing guitar (Andrea Ricci), thundering drums (Andrea Torrini) and a powerful voice (Sara Corso).

They have a thick direct sound, with a genuine tongue-in-cheek punk attitude. Try to imagine Debbie Harry (Blondie) singing with Eagle Of Death Metal, rude as Valient Thorr.

Their debut album “Marshmallow” is focused on a specific concept: “how does a brain work?” whatever the consequences. Lyrics explore the world of neuroscientific experiments and social strategies of mind control and each song talks about a different story and psychiatric/neurological theory. Like “Mischel”, an American psycologist: lyrics refer to his “marshmallow experiment” focused on the study of mental mechanisms of a child concerning determination and self control. The band’s name itself refers to Indian neuroscientist Vilayanur S.Ramachandran and his work in behavioral neurology and visual psychophysics fields.

“Marshmallow” was recorded and engineered at Orfanotrofio Recording Studio, Lorenzana (Pisa, Italy) by Niccolò Mazzantini and Fabio Fantozzi. The CD will be released by Taxi Driver Records in February 2016. The album is already in streaming on band and label’s bandcamp page.


1. Bandura

2. Cotard

3. Kraepelin

4. Samo

5. Vilayanur

6. Mischel






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