Young blues star tells MV about his favourite gigs

Crossroads 2013 – I got to play crossroads in New York at the Garden. It was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever got to experience and the amount of love in the room at that festival was real. That was a highlight for me for sure.

Hollywood Bowl Playboy Jazz Fest 2011 – Playing the Hollywood bowl was another incredible experience. It’s one of the most famous venues around the world and to have played there twic with Buddy Guy was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. –

Montreux Jazz Festival – Montreux jazz fest is one of the most prestigious festivals any artist can play. I’ve done it three times and each time was as exciting and honorable as the last. My favorite place to go without a doubt. – 

Mahindra Blues Fest, Mumbai India 2017 – Mumbai is a music loving place that I recently found out about. I never thought I’d ever go to India in my life but I just got back from there in February and the response I got was so amazing as well as the overwhelm amount of love I got.

BB King tribute – I got asked to do this tribute presented by the Grammy foundation for BB King out in LA. It was such a great show with so many incredible artists paying tribute to the king. I was surprised I got asked to do such an event because I’m quite young standing amongst these massive people that have done so much. It was a huge honor for me to be respected by everyone.

Quinn Sullivan’s new album Midnight Highway is out now