Yesterday, there was an album review of the new one by The Yalla Yallas. It’s fair to say our punk expert, Steve, liked it a lot.

Today, here’s a chat between him and the bands singer, Rob Galloway.

SB – What inspired you to become a musician?

RG – My Dad’s record collection, music is sacred in our family. It was always on in the house. My Dad taught me at a very early age how to handle vinyl records. It was a very important moment in my life. I would put on Guns n Roses ‘Use You Illusion’ or ‘Slade Alive’ and play them real loud. I used to dream of fronting a Rock n Roll band and to one day be on a vinyl record myself. It’s all ever wanted to do.

SB – If you hadn`t gone into making music, what do you think you would have done with your life?

RG – I think I would’ve been incredibly boring. I would’ve really hated my whole existence. Music is the only thing that makes me happy. It’s in my every thought and every heartbeat. I can’t imagine anything else.

SB – Is there an artist or band you would have liked to have played with living or deceased and why?

RG – I would have loved to have played with Guns n Roses or just been around The Rolling Stones between like 69-75. I’ve just got this yearning for a great rock n roll danger. I like bands that seem like they’re careering out of control at 110mph screaming towards a cliff edge with no brakes yet somehow get out of it pretty unscathed, those that are willing to risk it all. I’d love a taste of that for a little while.

SB – What is the best venue that you`ve played at and what venue would you love to play at?

RG – Without a doubt The Opera House at Winter Gardens in Blackpool. I felt like I’d achieved everything I’d ever set out to do that day. To sing in such a beautiful room was just wonderful. I thought about the teacher that refused to let me study music because I would never have the ability, I thought about all the reviewers who slagged me off when I first started out and wrote that I shouldn’t be on a stage, I thought about the people who laughed at me when I first started learning guitar, and then I thought about everyone who ever helped me along the way. I walked out on to that stage and thought “Rob Galloway singing in a fucking Opera House”. I’d loved to play in the Maracana in Brazil … Imagine if we got that big.

SB – Best and worst gigs you have ever played and why?

RG – The best gig I ever did was at the ADM in Amsterdam, I’m so glad I got to experience that place. It was a weird one because we roll into town in good spirits in fact we all travelled separately to that one. I remember getting a phone call on the way from the band saying that the police had arrived and served them what proved to be their ultimate eviction notice. The ADM was a huge squat on the port looking out onto the North Sea. The weather was amazing that day we all arrived full of summer joy ready for a party. The residents of the squat were rightly feeling dejected. They didn’t seem in the mood for a party and understandably so. We decided to give them a rock n roll party anyway. The atmosphere in the room that night made me cry. People were dancing naked; someone crowd surfed in an actual wheelbarrow, and the whole band crowd surfed mid-song. We ended the set chanting VIVA ADM! VIVA ADM! The whole room was electric; I cried really hard that night and I jumped in the North Sea to cool down. One man spoke to me after the show and he said “My family have lived here for 20 years, I have seen my children born and raised here, earlier I was dejected, now I have hope … thank you Rob”. I doubt anything I ever do could top that. Unfortunately, even after the United Nations gave their support the squat was eventually evicted. That night, that venue, and the people will stay with me forever.

SB – What is your all time favourite album?

RG – Pop by U2, and before you sigh about Bono. I don’t care. That album is fucking brilliant.

SB – What was the first record you bought and where did you buy it?

RG – The first album that I bought with my own money was at a Flea Market in Florida it was The Spaghetti Incident by Guns n Roses. That was my introduction to Punk Rock. I didn’t know it was a covers album when I bought it. I spent the following few years trying to track down the original versions. As a result I discovered Iggy and the Stooges, Dead Boys, Johnny Thunders, and U.K. Subs. I still love them all today.

SB – Is there an artist or band whom you`d like to collaborate with?

RG – Yeah, I’d like to work with someone different to the style of music we make, maybe someone like M.I.A, Bran Van 3000, Lykke Li, Brian Eno or something.

SB – Is there an artist, band or an album that has really impressed you recently that you think we should check out?

RG – Yes, Lewis Burner’s ‘Dog Songs’ is a cracking little album. Also check out Viagra Boys if you haven’t already. I saw them recently in Sheffield and they were like a brutal version of Talking Heads, XTC, Brian Eno. Though I imagine the only reason they might’ve been near a music college was for them to burgle it. We don’t get many dangerous bands like this anymore.

SB – Is there anything you want to add or share?

RG – Yeah please head over to our website http://www.theyallayallas.com and check us out, there’s loads of free downloads and stuff as well as a store to buy vinyl and T-Shirts etc…

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