Punk Super Sunday – Alsager Social Club – 29th May 2022

What a great move, putting these punk gigs in clubs that were designed for live performance.  will have been hard hit by lockdown and are essential to communities.


Opening today are Scumbus a Punk Rock band from Peterborough. Their influences are clearly from the 90’s and 00’s punk scene, but they also capture the essence of original 70’s music. They kick this event off in style with influences of NOFX, Green Day, Blink 182 and Rancid and power through their tight set. They have their own sound, and this changed line up gels well and they can really play. They have provided some great supports and I look forward to seeing them again. A great opening set.



Year Zero

Year Zero have original drummer Tim Johnson sitting in today and play a varied tempo set from their excellent debut Album ‘Brace for Impact’ kicking off with ‘Sky High Ego’ and ‘Human Condition’. They carry on despite a smouldering PA that the organisers sort with great professionalism and the offending item is soon replaced. Micks’ Jimi Hendrix reference goes down well.

Their witty observations on real life, such as ‘Secret Suburbia’ are infectious as are the up-tempo ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Heart Shaped Bullets’. They finish with a storming version of ‘Ruin My Town’. Shame they didn’t have time for the classic ‘Hand Grenade Heart’. Maybe they will play it at their next outing with the Buzzcocks on 2nd June.


The New Subterraneans

The New Subterraneans are local and have been playing apparently since they were young farmers. To their own admission they are very much in the style of bands from 1977/78 and I would agree.  Their mid-tempo melodic punk is the kind of thing you would have heard on the original Roxy Albums or Live at the Vortex around 1977/78 and they sound like early bands such as The Boys, the Cortinas, The Jam, The Saints, and the Ramones.

They are experienced players with infectious guitar lines, melodic bass, tight drums, and great harmonies. The three piece now expanded to four has a female vocalist who’s vocals and tambourine adds to their sound. They open with ‘Why Do You Do This’ and songs such ‘Your Inside My Head’, ‘This Train’ and ‘Picasso’ (interestingly about Toulouse-Lautrec) are very catchy.  Catch them soon.



This young band are always entertaining and really enjoy what they do. Their mix of punk and ska tracks from their debut album now very much their catchphrase ‘See You Down the Front’ and their new EP ‘3.5 out of 10’ get excellent crowd reactions.

Opener, new track ‘What Can We Do’, ‘Turn Your Back’ and the extremely catchy ‘Broken Hero’ work well with older tracks. They can sing and all join in with the vocals pushing out the songs. At times this is like No Doubt meets the GoGos. The new guitarist works well and has also has a very good taste in trousers. They end with the classic Johnny Pickup from their debut album joined by the roadie/doorman and punk legend Alan Carver. I think 3.5 out of 10 rather undersells this young band.


Hung Like Hanratty

Before things get underway, we are informed by the band that Nottingham Forest have just won the Championship Play Off final and will return to the premier league. (23 years is a long time). This news gets a mixed reaction from the eager crowd unlike their no-nonsense catchy punk which goes down a storm. They are a great band and have some great guitar solos and drum licks. Al plays the crowd like the true performer he is.

The crowd sing and dance along for the entire set and know every word to songs such as ‘Human Pig’, ‘Clean Up Your Dog Shit’, Cunt Stubble, ‘Danny Is A Tranny’, ‘The Ghost Of Jimmy Saville’ ‘Duggie The Druggie’, ‘Your Taking the Pistorius’ ‘Epstein’s Diary’ and ‘She’s a Monster’, complete with mask.

Their songs are infectious and ‘What You See is What You Get’ sums up exactly what they are about. This was a premier league performance, and their no-nonsense attitude is something Brian Clough would be proud of.  


A great end to an excellent afternoon and long may these gigs continue under the guidance of DJS promotions.