New York City is known for a lot of things, but to some it’s the home of Rock ‘n’ Roll. A fiery Rock scene that spawned bands such as Kiss, The New York Dolls, The Strokes, The Ramones, Living Colour and The Velvet Underground. But it wasn’t just the bands, it is also about the iconic venues such as CBGB’s, Fillmore East, The Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom.

Now also hailing from New York City, a brand-new chapter in the NYC rock ‘n’ roll story, we bring you PSSR!

PSSR are fronted by the charismatic Eric J, on vocals and guitar, featuring superstar Guns N’ Roses drummer Frank “Thunderchucker” Ferrer, steady rocking bassist Brett Bass(Greg Allman), and all tied up by journeyman lead guitarist/producer Rob Bailey (everyone from Delta Goodrem to David Johansen) and are true to the tradition of what NYC Rock is all about.

PSSR have unleashed 2 smashing singles ‘Busted’ and ‘Push’ and a third, ‘Last Time’, will drop late July.

Busted’ features Ferrer’s Guns N’ Roses band mate Richard Fortus on guitar and introduces the band with tough defiant lyrics and vocals over a gritty NYC rock backdrop.

‘Busted’ is one of those songs that covers a little social commentary about game players that perhaps don’t really play fair or at least don’t consider the consequence of some of their actions; women, drugs, police, lies? A little self-awareness could keep you out of trouble. Because in the end all we have is are self to blame if things go wrong and our self to credit when it goes right!”
Eric Jakobssen (Vocals / Guitar) 

‘Push’ is also a track that encompasses what we all love about Rock ‘n’ Roll. Crunchy guitars, addictive hooks and of course, that New York City swagger.

“A funky song about a funky topic. This is a story about a guy who was getting it from two sides. A pushy pusher and a pushy partner both add up to a waste of time.” 
– Rob Bailey (Guitar)

Take note fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Motorhead and The Stooges; PSSR has got your back!

When was the last time you had a good time? 2020 has had its share of ups and downs but PSSR are more than happy to show you the biggest party of your lifetime and there is more good time Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes coming soon!

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