According to who you talk to, rock and roll is either dying out, evolving, or back in full swing. In the case of the POISON BOYS from Chicago, they’re pumping new life into the genre and keeping it as punk as possible. 

POISON BOYS have today released their new single ‘Little Speedway Girl’ via Riot Records. This single is a tasty little punk rock romp that channels all the good vibes from rock legends like New York Dolls, The Stooges, Kiss, and UK punk acts such as The Heartbreakers and The Vibrators.

‘Little Speedway Girl’ is about meeting a girl at a gas station. And not just any gas station… Speedway. It lines the midwestern US on almost every corner. This person meets a girl who judges a book by its cover and initially thinks he sucks. But after talking with him, she realises that he is not so bad. She ends up telling him to stick around till she’s off work to hang out.

The huge chorus has had punks singing along since the song initially appeared on the b-side to 2017’s Bad Mouth 7″, and the song is finally getting its due here re-recorded for Don’t You Turn on Me.

Listen/Buy ‘Little Speedway Girl’HERE

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