The Hip Priests. Zero fucks n’ less success since 2006. The most prolific band you haven’t heard of. High energy sweaty sermons of misanthropy, disillusion (self) loathing and despair. Get ready to have your ears torn clean off.

After 16 years some bands would be taking it easy but in spite of a global pandemic, there was no let-up in The Hip Priests determination and activity. Their fifth, and by far their best full-length album – ‘Roden House Blues’ – was written, rehearsed, and recorded during this period and will be released May 5th, 2023, via The Sign Records.

Rehearsed, recorded and mixed between the numerous U.K lockdowns in Roden House, one of Nottingham’s former lace factories where the Priests have their own space, and which spawned the album title. This is no Mississippi Blues but perhaps it makes more sense than you think: Howling laments, loss, self-reflection and revelation – alongside some recurring Priests lyrical themes: negativity, nihilism, rage and revolution. After 2019’s ‘Stand for Nothing’ the band were unsure whether they’d do another album – However, global lockdown inadvertently led to a renewed passion and realisation that, like Jagger said, ”what can a poor boy do’ – especially when feeling more lost in a world that increasingly resembles a dumpster fire. A few dozen demos were scrutinised of which, through a stricter than ever group consensus, 14 were recorded but then honed down, razor sharp, into the tightest collection of 11 low-fat, lean and mean banging tunes that could fit into 30 minutes.

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This week, the band are setting loose another blast from the forthcoming album in new single ‘Pissed On Power’; a short, fast, loud crack to the jaw that roars by in a ferocious one and a half minutes.

“We’re being played like a crap board game by a flash suited litter of parasitic pigs,” says bassist Lee Love, explaining the songs anger and bile. “Shameless snouts buried deep in the septic trough. Morale free, worthless – You’ve got to realise that they don’t care – all high on our supply, drunk on disaster and pissed blind on their own power.”

And whilst The Hip Priests are known for their prolific output, they share a similar attitude to their gigging schedule and are rarely off the road, blasting any venue that will have them, and some that won’t, with their amped-up rock n’ roll assault. perfectly,for ‘Pissed On Power’ demonstrates this perfectly; a fast-flashing collage of the band on the road, with all the chaos that ensures!

‘Roden House Blues’ is released May 5th via The Sign Records and available to pre-order here:


The Hip Priests are:
Nathan Von Cruz – lead vocals
Austin Rocket – guitar/vocals
Lee Love – bass/vocals
Gentle Ben – guitar/vocals
D.P. Bomber – drums

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