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LA progressive rock outfit Perfect Beings recently announced their debut album for InsideOut music, Vier, due out January 19th, 2018. 

Now the band are pleased to release the first video from the album for the track “Anunnaki – Patterns of Light,” which you can see here:

Singer Ryan Hurtgen had this to say about the track: “‘Anunnaki – Patterns of Light’ is a song about chasing the loneliness away through desire. The first verse about a girl delving into BSDM, the second verse about an alcoholic who has an obsession with conspiracies. Both are searching for release and relief in a world that is constantly flashing lights in their eyes.”

The album will be released on CD Digipak, Gatefold 2LP(+CD), and Digital Download.

Pre-order Vier here:

You can find the full track-listing for the album, which is split into 4 distinct compositions below:

            Guedra – 18:23

  1. A New Pyramid
  2. The Blue Lake of Understanding
  3. Patience
  4. Enter the Center

The Golden Arc – 16:47

  1. The Persimmon Tree
  1. Turn the World Off
  2. America
  3. For a Pound of Flesh

Vibrational – 18:17

  1. The System and Beyond
  1. Mysteries, Not Answers
  2. Altars of the Gods
  3. Everywhere at Once
  4. Insomnia

Anunnaki – 18:42

  1. Lord Wind
  1. Patterns of Light
  2. A Compromise
  3. Hissing the Wave of the Dragon
  4. Everything’s Falling Apart
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