Today singer, songwriter and guitarist Howie Payne releases a brand-new single, ‘Echoes of the Light’, the first taste of the ex-Stands frontman’s much anticipated forthcoming solo album, soon to be announced for release in summer 2023. The new single follows 2020’s EP release ‘In Dreams’, the latest addition to a much-admired solo career begun with Howie’s Ethan Johns-produced 2009 debut album, ‘Bright Light Ballads’, followed by 2017’s ‘Mountain’. ‘Echoes of the Light’ is available to stream across all platforms from HERE

Payne plays all the instruments heard across the swirling psych track which he recorded during the final phases of London’s lockdown before sending the tracks to recording legend John Paterno in Los Angeles to mix. Talking about ‘Echoes of the Light’ Payne notes:

“I had an album worth of songs ready to record and touring plans that had to be put on hold because of the pandemic. I have a little writing studio I could still get to, so I’d go there and try out stuff, experiment with ideas and make music. Out of that this track came together. I followed the muse and wrote and recorded a whole new collection of songs that I’ll be releasing throughout 2023.

‘Echoes of the Light’ was the spark for the songs that came next, so it makes sense that it leads the way. It’s a unique piece of music with a relentless groove under it, I was going for a Charlie Mingus sonic ferris wheel kind of thing that keeps rolling into and out of itself. I started with that concept and played a groove on a drum kit, looped it and then wove the song around it.

I’m not sure what the lyric is about, it’s fragments of things, a feeling from a certain time, with certain people, a thing someone said once. Like there is a line about tripping the lights which comes from a thing the late great folk guitarist Davey Graham said to me and my mate once in a dressing room. He asked us if we’d ever been so tuned in that we could control the electricity in the lights… then a bit later he was playing the guitar warming up for his show, he hit this chord and shouted “argggh” and all the lights blew in the room… true story.”

Highly regarded both by critics & musical luminaries alike, including the likes of the Stone Roses, Spiritualized, Jack White, Noel Gallagher and Bill Ryder-Jones, Howie Payne has long been recognised as one of Liverpool’s finest. Payne came to widespread recognition in the early noughties with the successes of the band he founded and fronted, The Stands, who – alongside Oasis – also toured with the likes of Paul Weller, The Libertines and The Coral. The band released 4 top 40 singles across two albums (2004’s debut ‘All Years Leaving’ and the following year’s ‘Horse Fabulous’), burning brightly before Payne disbanded the outfit.

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