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New post hardcore mob reveal first track

An amalgamation of modern legends in hardcore, post-hardcore incarnation Trade Wind will release their debut album ‘You Make Everything Disappear’ via End Hits Records in the UK on 7th October. The release coincides with a European tour for the band with Sights & Sounds which will see them play London’s Camden Assembly on 13th October.

The trade winds are not known for their impetuous temper. All the more important for their significance is their persistence and the fact, that a captain sailing the trade winds will reach his designated goal faster than the rest. Therefore Trade Wind couldn’t possibly have picked a more appropriate band name. While the individual members (living scattered all over North America) focus on intense Hardcore with their respective main bands Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path and Structures, Trade Wind emphasises the prefix “Post” as well as a constant musical flow, rather than short outbursts. Spirited anger gives way to extensive soundscapes, subtle melodies and a soulful melancholy, which is based on the inner turmoil of singer and guitarist Jesse Barnett (after the breakup of his last relationship). However, the band almost didn’t come to life. “The idea of Trade Wind started in 2011 when Tom’s and my bands were on tour together.“ says Barnett, who usually lets out his frustration as the singer of Stick To Your Guns. “It wasn’t meant to be anything more than our own private little project. Because we lived on opposite sides of the country we did almost everything through email.”

What proves to be a stumbling block for other acts, turned out to be an advantage for the allstar-project, which also features drummer Andrew McEnany from Structures and bass player Randy LeBoeuf next to Barnett and Tom Williams. After their first EP ‘Suffer Just To Believe’, the band recorded ‘You Make Everything Disappear’ at the beginning of 2016 within only 4 days (thanks to the intense online-preparation) in LeBoeuf’s Studio in New Jersey. The outcome will most likely surprise the fans of their respective main bands.

The opening song ‘I Hope I Don’t Wake Up’ still carries the drive and underlying aggression that defines Stick To Your Guns and Stray From The Path as well as the band’s first EP. But in place of heavy shouts and forceful riffs emerge guitar melodies, which feed off Post-hardcore, Post-rock and Alternative Rock to create an atmosphere perfect for Barnett’s super melodic vocals. Jesse explains: “We felt that ‘I Hope I Don’t Wake Up’ was a good song to release first because of a few reasons. The first was we all just love the power of the song. It’s a big, open song that is drenched in feeling. This is always important to us. The second reason is that we feel it’s the song on the record that is most like our previously released EP. On this new record we try a lot of different things go outside of what people might consider our normal box so we thought that people who were already Trade Wind fans would identify with this song and be opened minded on the rest of the record. Take the journey with us, so to speak.”

This journey doesn’t stop with extensive Post-hardcore though, proven by the second song ‘Lowest Form’, which adds electronic drum-samples to gloomy guitar parts and Barnett’s spheric vocals, before the chorus embraces sophisticated Post-rock. A mixture that works well for the group. Even when Trade Wind present an emotional Piano-Ballad like ‘Untitled’ or electronic Alternative-Pop, mixing falsetto, acoustic guitars and drum tracks in ‘Grey Light’ (reminding us of bands like The Temper Trap), it never feels contrived or outside oft he musical comfort-zone of the band. It rather feels like a natural progression and a welcome counterpart to the other music the band members are usually creating – without any reservations or artistic limitations. The musicians also decided to experiment lyrically with an overarching concept, hence expanding beyond the horizons of typical Hardcore.

‘You Make Everything Disappear’ is a form of musical catharsis for Barnett to process a failed relationship. A way to come to terms with his own past. “The album is a story of everything a person can feel when they lose something they love with all of their heart. When you get caught in that trap between 2 things that make you happy and they both demand so much from you. Sometimes you have to walk away. Even if it kills you.”

The album is perfect proof of how worthwhile it can be to toss one’s own expectations overboard and to just go where the wind carries you. Trade Wind finalized the transformation of a band still very much influenced by Hardcore on ‘Suffer Just To Believe’ to a musical collective, ready to forge new paths.

Live dates with Sights & Sounds:
04.10.16 – Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia
05.10.16 – Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang
06.10.16 – Germany Köln @ Underground
07.10.16 – Netherlands Eindhoven @ Dynamo
08.10.16 – Czech Republic Prague @ Lucerna Music Bar
09.10.16 – Germany München @ Feierwerk
10.10.16 – Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff
11.10.16 – Germany Karlsruhe @ Alte Hackerei
12.10.16 – Belgium Antwerp @Kavka
13.10.16 – UK London @ The Camden Assembly

‘You Make Everything Disappear’ Track Listing:
1. I Hope I Don’t Wake Up
2. Lowest Form
3. Tatiana (I Miss You So Much)
4. Radio Songs
5. Grey Light
6. Rare
7. Untitled
8. Je t’aimerais Toujours


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