Today, From Ashes To New released their new EP Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 3 via Better Noise Music. Featuring a collaboration with Trevor McNevan from Thousand Foot Krutch on “Wait for Me, Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 3 continues to touch on the trials and tribulations of life. The project crescendos with an emphasis on the importance of knowing that you have a support system waiting for you on the other side of darkness. The final installment of the band’s intimate EP series, which includes new music, covers, features, and new versions of previously released fan-favorite tracks, arrives following critical acclaim for the preceding offerings in the series. Released as a part of Quarantine Chronicles Vol.1, “Bulletproof (feat. Johnny 3 Tears of Hollywood Undead)” was well-received by both fans and critics, with Loudwire writing, “The reworked track is a catchy one with an ebb and flow beat that should instigate an unconscious head nod as it rolls along.” Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 3 is now available to stream across digital platforms HERE.

Today, the band also premiered a new video for “Wait for Me” from the EP, which follows the emotional journey of a soldier while stationed overseas and the difficulty of reconnecting with his family upon his return.Raising awareness for military members suffering from PTSD, the band is encouraging fans to donate to Headstrong, a national-facing mental health treatment practice of choice for the nation’s military, veterans, and their family members, after watching the video. The video includes a donate button, of which the organization expresses gratitude for, stating, “Headstrong would like to thank From Ashes to New for their continued commitment to raising awareness around mental health. We would also like to thank them for shining a light on the veteran community’s needs, as well as helping to destigmatize the need for mental health treatment. We’re honored to partner with them and all funds raised will provide care to the veterans in Headstrong’s program.” Watch the official music video HERE.

From Ashes to New’s frontman Matt Brandyberry said of the video, “Being absent either mentally or physically is a difficult situation for anyone who has to endure it. Whether it’s being deployed in the armed forces, dealing with PTSD, drug addiction, or something that changes the structure of a relationship, waiting for someone to get through adversity in their life can be difficult. We all know there are people who stand in our corner and try their best to bring us to light, but for how long and through how much can they handle the darkness. Being in that dark place, I’ve had to ask my loved ones the question “Will you wait for me?”

Trevor McNevan explained that he joined the track because, “It’s always an honor to be a part of another band’s project or song that you believe in. We share the same goal of trying to defy the stigma around mental health, and I think this song is a portrait of that.”

The previous EPs in the series have seen great success, enjoying over 13.3 million streams across digital music platforms so far. Additionally, “Light Up The Sky,” which was featured on Vol. 2, premiered on SirusXM’s Octane earlier this summer.

This summer the band performed in cities and festivals across the US, including in New York’s Gramercy Theatre, Blue Ridge Rock Festival, and Rocklahoma. Having just come off the road with P.O.D. on their “Satellite” 20th Anniversary Tour, From Ashes To New is continuing to work on new music and will be gearing up for their Galveston, TX show at ShipRocked. The band is set to perform at the cruise festival on January 22, 2022. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit:

Check out the Spotify playlist with From Ashes To New’s entire catalogue “From Ashes To New 101” HERE.


  1. Wait For Me (feat. Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch)
  2. Tears Don’t Fall
  3. Already Gone
  4. Beat It
  5. Gone Forever