Oh Man! It’s Out Now


Brutal release is out

The brutal hardcore-rockers in Man The Machetes just released their second album titled “Av Nag”. This adrenalin fueled powerhouse of a record is available on all streaming services. If you’re one for physical formats you can get your copy HERE.

Throat-destroying vocals, delightful melodic riffing, intense drumming, all blended in with catchiness, nerve, groove and plenty of rock’n roll attitude. Man The Machetes songs are fueled by young enthusiasm, wrapped in a flawless production by Fredrik Nordström (Bring Me the Horizon, In Flames) in Studio Fredman. Av Nag, reflects a growing confidence and maturity which will rapidly expand their fan base across Europe.

This is the second release on the “HardFall” roster. More on this HERE!

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