Internationally acclaimed composer and virtuoso cellist Jo Quail has today released, ‘The Parodos Cairn’ to raise money for the ‘Save Our Venues’ crowd funder. This new composition is comprised entirely of 167 audio samples sent to her over the first few weeks of lockdown during the Covid-19 crisis. Jo comments,

‘I was of course disappointed following the necessary and inevitable cancellation and postponement of all concerts and tours, but primarily I felt an overwhelming urge to somehow connect with you in this time, to still symbolically meet with you and though without a concert hall and stage I felt sure we could still somehow unite, and create an inclusive, unifying experience.

I posted a video on social media outlining these thoughts and suggesting people record a note or a sound, then send these to me, and from these I would create a piece of music. I suggested using phones to record, as I wanted to make this creative outlet available to everybody, musician or not, with or without a recording facility.  At the outset of this project  I envisaged receiving perhaps 10 or 20 contributions, writing a piece of music for solo cello and then incorporating within this piece whatever samples I received. The incredible take up and enthusiasm from my initial video request meant I had to rethink my strategy! I never foresaw this reaction – I received all kinds of contributions, far beyond my expectations. We in fact have 124 musical contributors sending 167 samples, from 24 countries across the world – everything  from operatic soprano to shamans, pianos, printers, table thumps, singing bowls, amazing overdrives, percussion, hiphop beats, cows,  guitars, flutes, rattling keys, recorders, dulcimers, strings, and the list goes on!’

Watch the video now for ‘The Parodos Cairn’, directed and produced by Dorian Robinson, incorporating photographic and video contributions generously donated to the cause:

The track, which was mixed and mastered by James Griffiths, is available to download from Bandcamp, who themselves are waiving their revenue fees again for 24 hours.

Jo adds,  ‘If you would like to make a financial donation when you download your money will go to ‘Save Our Venues’ – an organisation set up in the present time to assist the small and grass roots venues, many of which are fighting to survive. I grew up in these venues musically speaking, I owe them my career. They must thrive, they are a critical part of both our beautiful and varied cultural heritage and the development of our artists, often at the forefront in showcasing new music eagerly sought out by our audiences. If we can help in any way then there is no finer purpose for this creation.

To all of you who took the time to contribute, thank you all with my whole heart. In a challenging time you have collaborated with me to create something that otherwise would not have existed. You hear music everywhere in your lives. You make our world turn. Stay safe and see you at a real life concert as soon as possible!’

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