No Wayne launch first single “That’s Alright” from upcoming, Chips Kiesbye- produced EP

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 The Swedish band No Wayne delivers energetic and retro-infused rock music on their upcoming EP “Sjöhagsvägen EP”. Catchy riffs meet refreshing harmonies in a straight-shooting fusion of rock, soul, and blues. Produced by Chips Kiesbye (Sator), the EP will be digitally released on June 14th, with the first single “That’s Alright” dropping on April 19th.

“Sjöhagsvägen EP” is the title of No Wayne’s forthcoming debut EP. Four songs recorded in Chips Kiesbye’s Planet of Noise studio and mastered by Henryk Lipp (Music-a-Matic). The EP serves as rock’n’roll therapy, drawing inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s without resorting to nostalgia. Kiesbye, known for his work with bands like The Hellacopters and The Nomads, leaves his mark on the production, elevating the songs to their full potential.

No Wayne is a family affair – the band’s founding members Kai (guitar) and Ilpo (drums) are brothers. It wasn’t until the passing of a parent a few years ago that they discovered each other’s existence and got in touch. A significant common denominator was their shared passion for music, and upon realizing they both played instruments, they decided to form a band together. Soon, they brought in Göran, Kai’s oldest friend, on bass, and Kai’s ex-wife Camilla on vocals. The result is a band that is as musically tight as it is personally cohesive.

Kai and Göran have previously played in various constellations, including the heavily riffing band B-Gum Justice. In 1995, they released the 7″ vinyl – “All and Everything” on Chips Kiesbye’s label, Planet of Noise Records. Ilpo has long been part of the Swedish soul and blues scene, for example, through the band The Soulmates. Camilla and Kai were previously in the power-pop band Punk The Wall, which released the album “Speedway” in 2005.

No Wayne was originally called Finnjävlar SE as a nod to the two brothers’ Finnish roots. They released their first singles “Love It”, “Fade Away”, and “Bee Free” in 2022 under that name. In 2023, they released “4 Star EP” which was mixed by Chips Kiesbye. This EP shares the same direct approach as “Sjöhagsvägen EP” and has been played by radio stations in both the USA and Central Europe. With their new EP, “Sjöhagsvägen EP”, the band choose to change their name to No Wayne.

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