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New album from Serbian death metal punks

On June 12th German based Metal Music label WITCHES BREW released Serbian Thrash Metal band NADIMAC’s latest effort “Manifest Protiv Sudbine” on CD. “Manifest Protiv Sudbine”, their fourth full length, includes fourteen tracks of whiplash inducing, energetic, rip roaring, intense Thrash Metal that takes you on a politically charged journey!

NADIMAC play an extreme version of ultrafast crossover thrash, with a lot of hard core punk, powerviolence, death metal, grind, speed metal and of course thrash metal influences, while displaying honest street, every day life experiences through out their lyrics with the intention to move society to react and start making changes for the better.

“Manifest Protiv Sudbine” features some fantastic artwork from Silencer 8, a 12 page booklet with a really nice write up from Danilo of each song’s topic (for us non Serbian speakers). The band say: “Take responsibility for your own whiplash, we certainly won’t!”

“Manifest Protiv Sudbine” CD is available now on the WITCHES BREW website:

An Official Video for the track ‘Stakleni zidovi klanice’ (Glass Walls of the Slaughterhouse) can be seen here:


01. Intro
02. Stakleni Zidovi Klanice
03. Krv Do Kolena
04. Evrope Danke Najn
05. Jebe Mi Se!
06. Duhovi Ulice
07. Retardiran Za Skejt
08. Sa One Strane Sekire
09. Uradi Sam (DIY)
10. Mrzim Narodnjake
11. Glas Pod Zemljom
12. Bunike
13. Nuklerani Rat Sad
14. Krvave Desni (Bonus


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