Italian hard rock act Edge Of Forever will release their sixth studio album, ‘Ritual’, on 13th October via Frontiers. A first single and video from it for the track ‘Ritual Pt. I’ is available from today.

Originally formed in 2003, but on hiatus following the release of their third full-length record in 2009, they reunited with an amended line-up in 2019 to release the acclaimed ‘Native Soul’ and followed it with the equally strong ‘Seminole’ in early 2022. Boasting heavier guitars on numerous new songs with epic choruses and rich arrangements, and with a solid mkII line-up of guitarist Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere, Sweet Oblivion), bassist Nik Mazzucconi (Labyrinth, Sunstorm), drummer Marco Di Salvia (Hardline) and singer, keyboardist, producer and founder Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Jorn, Revolution Saints), EoF have subsequently re-established themselves as a force following headlining tours and stages shared with the likes of Skid Row, FM, Eclipse and Mike Tramp.

The group’s motivational lyrics, infused with positive mental attitude and inspired by Native American spiritual culture, have also become an EoF trademark. ‘Ritual’ sees them explore the Residential Schools tragedy that afflicted indigenous children in Canada, with the album relating the tale of a pair of twins sent to different schools, prohibited from speaking their native language and forced to adopt their school’s religious denomination. However, they strive to maintain their culture in secret, hoping to find a means of escape and to one day find each other again, finally meeting with one of them on their deathbed. It is a tale of pain, but also strength, pride, joy and fulfilment.

“‘Ritual’ is not just our new album, but it’s the record that makes Edge Of Forever a much stronger band,” states Del Vecchio. “Each group member brought their songs, ideas and personality to the table to help make this our best and most personal record ever. Although we have tried to channel the terror of what Native Americans had to endure, we also added a positive note of resilience, encouraging us all to be the best that we can and never forgetting our roots, culture and who we really are.”

Musically, ‘Ritual’ has strong progressive elements, intricate arrangements and multi-layered vocals, and includes a 20+ minute title track (divided into a seven part suite) that takes up the second half of the album. Meanwhile, Del Vecchio’s powerful and crystal clear production brings out every sonic detail.

1 Where Are You?
2 Water Be My Path
3 Freeing My Will
4 The Last One
5 Love Is The Only Answer
6 Forever’s Unfolding
7 Ritual Pt. I
8 Ritual Pt. II Revert Destiny
9 Ritual Pt. III Taunting Souls
10 Ritual Pt. IV Baptized In Fire
11 Ritual Pt. V Ride The Wings Of Hope
12 Ritual Pt. VI Cross My Eyes
13 Ritual Pt. VII Reconciliation

Alessandro Del Vecchio – vocals, keyboards
Aldo Lonobile – guitars
Nik Mazzucconi – bass
Marco Di Salvia – drums

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