BROODERS return with their final release of 2019. Following a run of five singles, CAGED is the latest instalment in the band’s riff-fuelled anarchy that perfectly ties up a year of mystique, ferocity and general melancholic undertones. CAGED is the cherry on the cake of a year of uncertainty and instability.


Personified in the lyric of the song (“what feeds us kills us”) Adam Bairstow from BROODERS speaks honestly and from the heart about the song: “It’s something real, it’s something harsh and it’s a bleak outlook on reality. It’s a song that’s wrapped in self-doubt and a fear of what awaits outside the walls of security and stability.

Adam talks further about the lifestyle of routine and how damaging it was for him on a personal level: “I worked in awful bar jobs for years to fund the music aspirations that I lived and breathed for. I figured after a while it was going to be the job or the music that had to go. It was the job that got put on the chopping block. Stepping out of the realms of a comfortable and stable income, and into a terrifying new world of uncertainty gave a perspective like no other. It was truly liberating to discover that outside of a mundane life of pouring pints was a whole world of possibilities that otherwise would have been locked off by that life of routine. I learned to break the bonds of normality and step into something bigger than myself; and discovered it’s worth the risk while you still can.

CAGED will be released on all digital platforms on 22 November with support from HELP MUSICIANS UK as part of their Do It Differently fund. You can find out more about them on their socials:




BROODERS recently announced that their self-curated one-day festival RIFFFEST #2 will take place at LEEDS BELGRAVE MUSIC HALL on SATURDAY 25 JANUARY 2020 featuring an incredible line-up of CROWS, STRANGE BONES, BROODERS, CALVA LOUISE, DEAD NAKED HIPPIES, DENSE and 99% COBRA.


Tickets available here:





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