New Album From Dwayne


Multi national punks release new record

What do Denver, CO Little Rock, AR and Bern, Switzerland have in common? Pretty much nothing unless you are talking about a band called Dwayne.

Comprised of guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Andy Tanner, (Laymen Terms) vocalist/guitarist Chris Fogal, (Gamits/TaunTaun) drummer Andy Thomas (Only Thunder, Tin Horn Prayer ) and bassist Michael Marti, (The Plus Nomination, Goodbye Fairbanks) Dwayne draws members from all of the aforementioned cities and speak six languages between them. (Note: Both Andys and Chris only speak English)

Dwayne’s members have been at it a long time and it shows in this recording which they did themselves at Fogal’s studio in Denver.


1. Be with me.
2. I’m a goin to hell
3. Catch and release.
4. Low expectations
5. My own invention
6. I had it all.
7. Can’t keep up with you
8. Morning after song
9. Too tolerant.
10. Joey got dumped
11. Oh my Darwin
12. Should have known better


All purchases come with MP3 320.
250 x White Vinyl – Black And Yellow Splatter
250 x Half White Vinyl – Half Yellow

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