Earlier this month Indiana’s Cold Stares released their brilliant new album, “Heavy Shoes”. MV awarded it a full ten out of ten and called it “one of the best records of the year”.

So it seemed like a good time to sit down with Chris Tapp – one half of the band and their singer – to get his view on the best five LP’s of all time. Here is what he picked.

Led Zeppelin 4 – Led Zeppelin
There’s just something magical about this album. From the artwork to the songwriting, the recording, the album just has this aura about it. This is Jimmy Page at his best, a master of arrangements and recording techniques.I remember distinctly the first time I heard Black Dog and Stairway to Heaven, life changing.

The Complete Blind Willie Johnson – Blind Willie Johnson
Willie’s story is always in the back of my mind hearing these recordings, what he went through and endured, his faith. The sincerity in the vocals and delivery. One of a few recordings that can give me the chills anywhere, anytime. 

Big Fine Thing – Darla Hood
This album is incredibly difficult to find now, and nowhere on streaming. Luckily I found a CD off amazon a few years ago. I think I’ve probably burned through four or five of them.One of my favorite albums, vocals are amazing, recording and songwriting are on point. To me this album was like a perfect blend of Black Crowes meets Black Sabbath with a touch of The Doors.Very sad they didn’t stick it out further. It’s a moment in time for me hearing this album, and I wouldn’t be doing the Cold Stares as such without hearing it.

Paranoid – Black Sabbath
Another magical album, and just the crunch. To me, this album is like metal or hard rock jazz. The changes, the songs and delivery, just is really in a place by itself. I hear people knocking the recording, but take a shot at reproducing it. Paranoid was one of the first hard rock songs I fell in love with, and this album is a great template for taking the blues to another place. 

Tin Can Trust – Los Lobos
This record, man, this is my chill down album. Instant transport to somewhere else. I first heard this album when we were  in LA recording, and anytime I hear it I’m immediately transported back to that place and time. It’s an extremely visual album, much different than any of the other Los Lobos albums to me. Vocals and guitar work is stunning, and the spaces between the notes are just outstanding. This is the album we listen to a lot on the drive late at night after a show. Amazing start to finish.

“Heavy Shoes” is out now, you can buy it here: https://smarturl.it/TheColdStares