Supersonic Blues Machine released their new album last week. A live record, it featured the considerable talents of one Billy Gibbons.

Turns out that SBM’s main man Fabrizio Grossi is something of a fan of ZZ Top himself, so much so that he was more than happy to talk us through his fave albums by the best little old band from Texas.

1973 ” tres hombres” = even if they were active well before 1973, this album was the starting point to something big and unique.

La Grange & Beer Drinkers and Hell raisers are  the most famous ones out of this record, but the whole thing is just as bad ass as you thought these guys were from the moment you first laid your eyes on them.

1975 “Fandango ” = Tush is the jewel, but this all record showed the world that Tres Hombres wasn’t just a lucky episode. Them three boyz meant business, and here the business is still happening and LOUD as hell!

1983 “Eliminator” = The masterpiece ! Classic Rock – Texas Blues and New Wave programming and synths all on the same record….making sense, gaining new fans without losing the older ones….that’s a hard task to accomplish. It shows how well a head of his time and genre Billy F Gibbons was already back then, and the public got it!!! This is what made them worldwide stars…No F wonder !  LOL

1985 “Afterburner” = sleeping bag and rough boy are the jewels of this record, which is otherwise the righteous follow up to the masterpiece that was Eliminator. Great record of maturity, that shows the true talent of these guys and predominantly of my uncle Billy. Being able to keep it together after a world smash ain’t easy, for them it was!

2012 “La Futura” = Gibbons sound is of a mastodontical size on this record. Love the songs, love the performances and , again, the guitar tone!!!!! No gimmicks , no frills, this is just in your face …like they were saying : ” oh do you think we cannot do things like a power trio no more ? Check this mother out ! ”   Brilliant!!!!!