Wrong Song – New single, from KIMBERLEY REW (The Soft Boys, Katrina & The Waves, writer of Walking On Sunshine) & LEE CAVE-BERRY. Out on April 30th.
The track is from forthcoming album – Purple Kittens, released June 18th.

Wrong Song video link – https://youtu.be/CeKquXZa2A8

Kimberley wrote Walking On Sunshine, Love Shine A Light (Britain’s last Eurovision-winner!) and Going Down To Liverpool (covered by The Bangles) amongst many other effervescent originals. He played with both The Soft Boys (alongside Robyn Hitchcock), and in Katrina & The Waves, before embarking on a twenty year+ solo career with his musical and life partner, bassist and songwriter Lee Cave-Berry.

The rumbustious, funky, off-kilter Wrong Song bears the traits of melody, humour and amiable eccentricity which mark many of Kimberley’s compositions. And it boasts one of his craziest guitar solos, harking back to the days when Robyn Hitchcock – his six-string sparring partner in cult heroes The Soft Boys – described Kim’s playing as – ”Hendrix in sulphuric acid. He could get sustain out of a cricket bat,” Rew explains Wrong Song’s genesis: –

“Occasionally at a pub or party gig someone comes up to you while you’re actually playing and singing, and starts talking to you, for example, with a request for a song. More people than you’d think don’t have the concept that you are actually making the sound they’re hearing, in the present moment, and that you have to keep making it, or it’ll stop, or at least be diminished in some way. It’s probably because recorded sound has been so universal for so long.

Wrong Song says we’re making this live, it’s not perfect, nor, in our sector of the music world, is it publicly subsidised, it has no commercial sponsor, and it might be interrupted by the raffle, or an announcement to say someone’s car is blocked in the car park.

Featuring the fantastic flute of Myke Clifford.”

For the video, Kimberley suggested some old footage, Paul Foulsham did the hard work and put it together, and Lee approved…!

‘Guitar pop god Kimberley Rew always pulls the rug out from under my feet with surprising turns and sly lyrics. Intelligence delivered with a wry grin.’ Vicki Peterson, The Bangles

‘Lee is a breath of fresh air. Not only a talented, musically supportive bassist, she’s also a great singer. You can feel how joyful she finds making music. We all need to be more like Lee.’  Ezio

‘The fractured racket of the Magic Band, the tarmac rumble of Chuck Berry, the ringing symphonies of the Beatles and Beach Boys… all wrapped around witty and exquisite observations of low-key life. As warm and comforting as a flask of tea in an Austin Cambridge.’ Mark Ellen – Founding editor, Mojo, Q and The Word; presenter, Old Grey Whistle Test.

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