In celebration of Sumardagurinn fyrst – the first day of summer in the old Icelandic calendar, Reykjavík based, weird-lofi-cute-pop-punk-surf-riot-indie duo BSÍ release their new single ‘Vesturbæjar Beach‘.

Despite the fact that this day often actually resembles a return of winter, accompanied by snowfall and sub-zero temperatures; BSÍ claim that it’s never too early for a summer tune and a decent beach party.

The video for ‘Vesturbæjar Beach’ was directed and produced by power women and friends Snæfríður Sól Gunnarsdóttir and Arína Vala Þórðardóttir, capturing BSÍ’s freezing summer party on roundabouts, grey concrete and the town hall’s dirty pond. Starting off at the infamous BSÍ bus terminal, the song and video are a homage to Vesturbær, a neighbourhood in the west of Reykjavík. Vesturbær is also home to BSÍ’s studio, which is named after the new song.

After releasing ’25Lue’ & ‘Dónakallalagið’ in March, ‘Vesturbæjar Beach‘ is the latest glimpse into the band’s dualistic debut album ‘Sometimes depressed … but always antifascist’. It is the first track on the loud and fast lofi-cute-punk second half of the record, opposing the five songs low key heartbreak melancholy on the first half of the record’s recycled vinyl.

The duo of Silla Thorarensen (drums & vocals) & Julius Pollux Rothlaender (bass guitar & toe-synths) are one of the most unconventional bands emerging from Iceland’s flourishing DIY/DIT (=do-it-together) scene these days.

Besides playing the digital versions of Iceland Airwaves and Eurosonic Festival, the pair used the year of the pandemic to write and record their debut album, a highly original concept that might as well be a twin EP and features two distinctly different sides: ‘Sometimes depressed … but always antifascist’ – five songs low key heartbreak melancholy, five songs riot grrrl lofi-cute-punk.

The album is set for release on 21st May both digitally and on recycled vinyl with the help of BSÍ’s friends at Tomatenplatten (Berlin), Why Not? Plötur (Reykjavík) and post-dreifing (Reykjavík).

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