Excuses Excuses are set to release their brand new singe ‘Meaning of Life’ via Known Accomplice today – and we are delighted to have another exclusive for the band.

Our second exclusive from this wonderful band, “Meaning of Life is a dialogue of internal conflict showing the emotions of guilt, anxiety, and remorse that many young people feel as they discover lives of their own and consequently grow further apart from things and people they cherish.” – Kyle Wilton, Vocalist, Guitarist – Excuses Excuses

Hailing from the wild vastness of the Great White North and pairing a blistering youthful energy with an attention to the finest details of songwriting, Excuses Excuses come armed with a lawless desire to make a true believer out of everyone in the room with their deep, introspective lyrics, jaw- dropping emotion, and melody-heavy songs. As thought-provoking as it is intense, the power of their live show unites and captivates audiences worldwide, and the title of their up and coming long player Listen Up! is as much a call-to-arms as it is a visceral decree.

@excusesexcuses @knownaccomplice_ ‘Meaning of Life’ is out via Known Accomplice Records co. on 27th May 2022