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To celebrate the release of Gary Moore’s forthcoming  Blues and Beyond,  BMG held a special event for fans and media at the Gibson Show Rooms in London on October 25th.

A panel, hosted by Neville Marten (Guitar Techniques ) and David Mead (Guitarist Magazine) along with Harry Shapiro (author of Gary Moore’s new biography), Graham Lilley (Gary Moore’s guitar technician) and Neel Panchal (BMG Director Of Design), gave an insightful talk about the immensely talented Gary Moore. Fascinating stories were regaled about the guitarist and Blues And Beyond, before taking questions from the audience.
Fans and media were also treated to a unique display of Gary Moore’s guitars and memorabilia, along with an audio playback from Blues And Beyond plus an exclusive first play of selected cuts from Blues And Beyond Live.
On 24th November 2017 BMG proudly release Gary Moore’s Blues and Beyond, a remarkable collection of his powerful and emotive blues studio recordings. Blues and Beyond is released on double CD, 4 LP and as a box set, which includes unreleased live recordings and the official Gary Moore biography I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow written by Harry Shapiro.
Best known for his evocative solo hits, Parisienne Walkways and Still Got the Blues (live versions feature in this set), and his on/off membership of Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore’s solo career comprises over twenty albums. Throughout the 1980s, Gary moved up the rock hierarchy, but turned his back on what he regarded as the empty flash of metal and reverted to his heart music – the blues – where ironically he scored his biggest commercial success through his 1990s and 2000s blues albums.
As well as running his own bands, during a successful solo career, Gary mixed with the best that rock and blues could offer, playing live and on record with George Harrison, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Greg Lake, BB King, Albert King, Albert Collins and many others. Gary was also the guitarist many looked up to, not just for the terrifying speed of his fretwork, but for the passion, fire and honesty in his playing.
The ‘Blues and Beyond’ formats; 
2 x CD: Bringing together the cream of Gary Moore’s blues studio recordings, this digipack format is the perfect Gary Moore blues collection.


The 4 x LP counterpart format is housed in an awesome double gatefold “AxeWax” vinyl and features a number of Gary Moore’s blues studio recordings, most of which have never appeared on vinyl.


The Box Set: comprises the blues studio recordings on 2 CDs plus a further 2 CDs of newly mixed and mastered live concert recordings, with two previously unheard song versions. This is the first time that this concert has been available, anywhere. Also included, is the brand new book I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow, which offers a unique insight into the world of Gary Moore. This full length Gary Moore-authorised biography is new, unreleased and all you need to know about the man behind the guitar. For the true collector, included are a number of reproductions of ultra-rare memorabilia items including a concert ticket, album launch event invite, VIP wrist band and AAA pass. This box is the ultimate collection of Gary Moore’s blues output and documents the evolution of a legend.


Blues And Beyond Live: (previously unreleased): 
The live show comes from a UK tour which was a continuation of the 1999 “A Different Beat” tour, but was prior to the recording sessions for the next studio album. A couple of the tracks to feature on the next, but at that stage untitled studio album, had been written and rehearsed, and were being played here for the first time. “Cold Black Night”, “The Prophet” and “Enough of the Blues (Alternative)” were yet be recorded properly, other than home demos and rehearsal room recordings. The track “Enough of the Blues” changed a little bit by the time of the recording sessions, so this version, “Enough of the Blues (Alternative)” is an early version of the final track, but a good example of how Gary would formulate a song’s component parts quite early on, only to refine them as the track matured. So he would have mostly completed songs ready for any recording sessions, with detailed lyric notes and song structures mapped out, all that remained was cutting the track, in 2 or maybe 3 takes, and then moving on to the next song.”


Blues and Beyond track listing:
1. Enough Of The Blues  from Back To Blues 2001
2. Tell Me Woman from Power Of The Blues 2004
3. Stormy Monday from Back To Blues 2001
4. That’s Why I Play The Blues from Power Of The Blues 2004
5. Power Of The Blues from Power Of The Blues 2004
6. Ball And Chain from Scars 2002
7. Looking Back from Back To Blues 2001
8. Surrender from A Different Beat 1999
9. Cold Black Night from Back To Blues 2001
10. There’s A Hole from Power Of The Blues 2004
11. Getaway Blues from Power Of The Blues 2004
12. We Want Love from A Different Beat 1999
13. Memory Pain from Power Of The Blues 2004
14. The Prophet from Back To Blues 2001


1. You Upset Me Baby from Back To Blues 2001
2. Bring My Baby Back from A Different Beat 1999
3. I Can’t Quit You Baby from Power Of The Blues 2004
4. World Of Confusion from Scars 2002
5. Picture Of The Moon from Back To Blues 2001
6. Can’t Find My Baby from Power Of The Blues 2004
7. Drowning In Tears from Back To Blues 2001
8. Evil from Power Of The Blues 2004
9. My Baby (She’s So Good To Me) from Scars 2002
10. Ain’t Got You from Back To Blues 2001
11. Just Can’t Let You Go from Scars 2002
12. How Many Lies from Back To Blues 2001
13. Torn Inside from Power Of The Blues 2004
14. Parisienne Walkways (Live)


CD3 (box set only)
Blues And Beyond Live: (previously unreleased)
1. Walking By Myself
2. Oh Pretty Woman
3. Need Your Love So Bad
4. Since I Met You Baby
5. Surrender
6. Cold Black Night
7. All Your Love
8. Still Got The Blues


CD4 (box set only)
Blues And Beyond Live: (previously unreleased)
1. Too Tired
2. The Sky Is Crying
3. Further On Up The Road
4. Fire
5. The Blues Is Alright
6. Enough Of The Blues (Alternative)
7. The Prophet
‘I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow’ book information (only available in the box set)


Three years in the making, I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow is the official Gary Moore biography written by acclaimed music writer Harry Shapiro, who was given exclusive access to Gary’s family, friends and musicians.


Spanning Gary’s five decades as a professional musician, the story begins with his early, troubled life in Belfast which he dealt with by honing his extraordinary talent in private, becoming recognised as one of the city’s best guitarists even while still at school. Leaving home at 16, the guitar prodigy began a tumultuous career first in Skid Row then, aged only 19, an abortive attempt at running his own band and then on through the Seventies switching with consummate ease between the hard rock of Thin Lizzy and the complex jazz rock of Jon Hiseman’s Colosseum II.


But even as a kid, Gary was telling his friends that he always wanted to be the frontman, never a guitar for hire. His solo career finally took off in 1979 with the chart single “Parisienne Walkways”. Throughout the 1980s, Gary moved up the rock hierarchy, but turned his back on what he regarded as the empty flash of metal and reverted to his heart music – the blues – where ironically he scored his biggest commercial success with the 1990 album, Still Got The Blues, selling over 3 million copies worldwide.
Gary never found life easy. He had demons to battle, could be his own worst enemy and made quite a few extra ones on the way. But when he suddenly died in 2011, the outpourings of admiration and grief from fellow musicians and fans around the world was heartfelt. As Harry Shapiro says “I would never have written a simpering hagiography. Hopefully this account will come across as honest as the man himself”.
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