Somewhere in between pop and psychosis, sombre poetry and dark rock, there is Major Parkinson. A fearless and distinctly different band, with a fresh, unconventional approach to the art of writing music.

Bergen based 7 piece experimental pop rock outfit Major Parkinson recently paid tribute to a month of Solitude by releasing a reworked version of one fo their hit tracks ‘Solitary Home’ that initially released in 2010.

Solitary Home (The Hollywood Tapes) is the unlikely marriage of Los Alamitos Sound FX, the most successful show choir in the United States, and Norwegian cult band Major Parkinson. It’s the sound of a horde of California teenagers singing and dancing their way through a strange labyrinth of changing time and key signatures, in this completely new incarnation of a classic Major Parkinson track.

Lars from the band talks about the experience.

“Solitary Home has always been a very special song for us. It kind of reshaped the Major Parkinson thought universe and sent us down a different trajectory than we were on back in the day. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to now send this revamped version of it into the world, where the song gets to show off a more flamboyant edge than the more intimate, sober original recording. Both versions have their strengths, but I gotta say it was so liberating to just go full American and throw caution to the wind on this one, there was simply no such thing as ‘too much’ working on this song.

It’s hard to describe just how special it has been working with Los Alamitos Sound FX and in particular mr. Josh Greene for the last two years. We had no idea what a show choir even was when he first contacted us, but we gave the green light for the operation and it’s been a strange, wonderful journey since then. All the way from the very first time we heard his arrangement up until the finished recording you hear today. We hope it can inject just a little bit of naive, youthful joy-of-life into very strange, dark times”

Download the track on Bandcamp HERE
Stream the single on Spotify HERE
Watch the video performance using footage taken from the show HERE

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