Takeaway Thieves release the 3rd Track of their brilliant Album ‘9’,  recorded and produced by musical maestro Dave Draper, who has taken their music and given his sprinkle of even more magic … This track is on a slightly different vibe from other songs, drawing you in with it’s infectious drumbeat  and immersing you in the rhythm of their music .

” For me the song is about keeping control from living on a knife edge, pushing boundaries and taking risks without causing a downward spiral both mentally and physically ” – Adam Hall

“Lose It was brought in by Adam and the last song we wrote for the album. Originally there was muted silence during the guitar riff but Dave Draper our producer maestro asked Max to play drums  and he overlayed the Industrial sound effect which made us grin with approval. My interpretation of the song is a message to strive to do  what you want and love to the fullest, knocking down obstacles and people  that try to stop you from succeeding leaving no prisoners “ – Neil Hunter

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Takeaway Thieves are one of the First Rock Band to have the forward thinking and want to present to the World and fans, release an album with NFTs.  Lose it is now 30% owned by TT fans with the share value increasing by 1000%. The band see this as the future for artists and labels and believe like their fans NFt’s are the best merch a band can offer. There are 10 1% shares still available for the song, if you wish to support the band and have bragging rights of owning a part of the song.

Takeaway Thieves are:
Peter Mcloughlin – Vocals
Ben Gibson – Lead Guitar
Neil Hunter – Rhythm Guitar
Adam Hall – Bass Guitar
Max Yates – Drums

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