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Following on from previous cracking additions, DOOM OVER LONDON 2016 – The Sixth Edition are ecstatic to bring you the next line up announcement for the 25th – 27th March 2016 event. Remaining in Tufnell Park for a second year and expanded compared to previous years, this announcement will bring some more misery and a fair amount of filth to the bill.


Swallow The Sun [Finland] 

Having dropped the most epic album of 2015, we are super excited to announce that Swallow The Sun will bring their doom death to London. Known for its wide soundscape, this will be the first UK airing or material from ‘Songs From The North’.

Hooded Menace [Finland] 

– Finally returning to UK shores for an exclusive performance at Doom Over London, these Finns need no introduction.  We expect a full frontal assault, down tempo,  riffs as thick as glue and heavy as all hell. Never has gloom sounded better!


40 Watt Sun [UK]

Introspection and subtlety fill out the melodic and down temp rhythms of this fantastic act, playing a full electric set, expect much melancholy. Having played a growing number of shows, this follows on to the stellar performance at St Pancras Old Church. Do not miss out!

Lord Vicar [SWE] 

Trad doom metal flows, slow, gloomy and melodic, the sound of occult tinged rock that founded metal as we know it. This rare appearance of these multinational veterans is most anticipated, being one of the few acts invited to return to Doom Over London.


Undergang [Denmark] 

Bringing the brawn are underground titans Undergang, filling out Friday’s bill with the dirtiest, heaviest sound of this years fest. Having played several key shows, we think its time to put these guys on a big stage and let them rip!

Mourning Dawn [France]

Bringing a mix of depressive death doom with a healthy dose of black metal influence, Mourning Dawn have evolved from a one man project to a full band 3 albums in. This is a rare appearance in the UK, we expect the walls to rumble.


Five albums in, there is no stopping their slow roll to the darkest reaches of doomy despair. Having evolved over the years, Pantheist are a growing contender for the crown of how to do progressive doom, and doing it well.

Esoteric [UK]

No introduction is needed for these heavyweights of all things slow and mighty. We are extremely proud to welcome this key band to the bill, with rumours of more re-issues and new material out there, we are sure this will be a not to be missed set.

King Goat [UK]

Hailing from Brighton, King Goat quickly went left of centre in creating a signature sound that was something more progressive than the traditional leanings they had intended, whilst keeping things suitably doom. Debut album due soon, watch them go!
Friday day tickets – £22.50
Impaled Nazarene, Undergang, Malthusian, Bathseba, Sardonis, Autumnal and Mourning Beloveth will crush you underfoot. Doors are 3pm.
Saturday day tickets – £29.50
Moonspell, Hooded Menace, Sea Bastard, Esoteric, Ataraxie, Alunah, Slabdragger, Bossk, Officium Triste, Eye Of Solitude, Torpor and King Goat and more are on course to take you on a journey across all things gloomy
Sunday day tickets – £29.50
In The Woods, 40 Watt Sun, Swallow The Sun, Black Moth, Coltsblood, Falloch, Lord Vicar, Panthiest, Darkher, The Death Letter and Mourning Dawn and more will complete your journey.


Saturday and Sunday tickets are available priced at £47.50 with full weekend tickets priced at £55. All tickets allow you to buy in your festival shirt, order with your ticket and it’ll be there for you on the day!

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