A Prayer For The Sane‘ was written and recorded at home in quarantine and is a song about supplanting three years of emotional, spiritual, and intellectual battery with a world rebuilt on decency, civility, and a respect for factual reality.

Our country is more divided than it’s ever been. Whichever side of the divide you’ve been on, it’s felt bad, it’s felt ugly, it’s felt heavy and hateful. And it’s been exhausting and demoralizing for all of us.

We’ve always had philosophical disagreements about how to solve our most difficult problems. But we used to share a common base of facts from which to debate our differing solutions. We can’t begin resolving our most pressing issues until we can agree to return to a common world view. We must be led by facts, honesty, and transparency. And we must be led by someone who honors the truth, and respects those on the other side of it. Only then can we start moving forward again instead of allowing ourselves to be dragged backwards any further.

“I decided to make this song available as soon as it was written (rather than waiting for my next album release cycle) because it speaks to a particular moment in time, and I thought it should be heard in that moment.

I’ve rarely injected calls-to-action into my songs. I’ve more typically preferred to simply describe the world as I see it, and leave agency up to the listener. These times and circumstances are unique and, in my opinion, urgent. I believe that our agency itself, in the form of free and open Democracy is at risk and at stake. And I believe, amidst all the chaos and distraction, that our November election is hurdling towards us at a ferocious speed, and that we need to try and maintain our focus. More than at any time in my lifetime, I believe it’s critical that we all speak our truth loudly and unequivocally to all our friends and neighbors so that, come November, we can begin the massive repair work that a community must undertake in the wake of a hurricane.

A Prayer For The Sane is freely available to download and share through Bandcamp. And so it can be as accessible as possible, there’s a lyric video so the message can be shared visually as well as auditorily.”

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