Swedish Grammy Award winning rock duo, Johnossi release their beautiful acoustic guitar and piano driven title track Torch // Flame (BMG) today from their forthcoming sixth album with same name to be released on February 28th.

“Some songs are just so obvious from start to finish, as if they had always been there but just didn’t want to show itself before the time was right, “explains guitarist/vocalist John Engelbert. “So familiar and close to the heart. I’m thankful and happy this song came to life just when we were ready for it.”

Watch the video or stream Torch // Flame at https://johnossi.lnk.to/TorchFlame

Johnossi made their comeback in November 2019 with first single ‘Longer The Wait, Harder The Fall’.

Produced and mixed by Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Refused, Viagra Boys), forthcoming album ‘Torch // Flame’ came to life through Johnossi’s most immersive album-making experience yet. In an effort to distance themselves from the distractions of everyday life, the band headed to the countryside outside Stockholm and holed up in a huge lakeside mansion, spending all of September 2019 in that happily isolated environment.

“We were pretty much eating, breathing, and sleeping the whole process of creating this record, and it brought a really special feeling into the work,” says Bonde. “It felt as if it was never meant to be any other way.”

In a departure from their previous album Blood Jungle (a 2017 release made with more pop-leaning producers), Torch // Flame finds Johnossi embracing the raw and untamed vitality of their earliest output – an element that Gunnerfeldt helped to amplify.

Find Johnossi online at:

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