Manchester atmospheric rock band The Hyena Kill have released their harrowing new single ‘Witness’, a painfully emotive track about wanting to disappear and leave your life behind. The track is the second to be taken from the forthcoming new album A Disconnect, which is set for release via APF Records on 5th March 2021.

Premiered via Metal Injection, you can watch the dark new video for ‘Witness’ here:

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Comments vocalist/guitarist Steven Dobb“The song is about wanting to disappear, change your identity, escape and become someone else entirely. The wanting and willingness to do anything to not have to live with crushing anxiety and hopelessness. The fear of knowing no matter how far you run there is no escape from yourself.”

The video is a chaotic, painful and violent journey of self discovery. Filmed on location throughout London by producer Ben Ogunbiyi, it sees the the main characters running away from themselves and each other.  The one thing that ties them together is the roll of the dice, representing the fragility of life, one giant game of chance.

Dobb continues,“There is something deeply personal about the video for me. I’ve struggled for years with my mental health and substance abuse. Having to wake up each day and white knuckle your way through until it’s time to sleep again. That shit is exhausting and even on the days you defeat whatever it is that haunts you, it’s still there. You can feel it on your skin and in the dark recesses of your subconscious. It never leaves.”

New album A Disconnect is a bleak, intense masterpiece that attempts to find reconciliation of personal trauma and pain, creating a distinctive area where spaciousness can be heavy and contact is always uncomfortable.

The result is an album that presents a dichotomy of softness/harshness with an earnestness that never relents over the course of ten tracks, but becomes transformative with repeated listens. Brimming with emotion and at times ethereal wonder, Steven Dobb‘s vocals are extraordinarily impassioned and present whilst Lorna Blundell‘s drums offer relentless dexterity with a wild, dirty earthiness. With each track comes the chance of an emotive journey to the extremes of existence, there’s a real push-pull between each musical element as Sam Jones‘ razor riffs explode like fireworks, flooding the room with light whilst Charlie Seisay‘s driving bass underpins each vast soundscape. Shades of DeftonesNirvana and Chelsea Wolfe combine on a dynamic LP that terrifies, haunts and inspires all at once, a key element of why The Hyena Kill continue to sound exciting and alive.

The Hyena Kill will appear at Arctangent Festival in 2021. More dates to follow.

Watch the previous video for track ‘Bleached’ here:

Pre-order A Disconnect here:

The Hyena Kill are:

Steven Dobb – Guitar / Lead Vox
Lorna Blundell – Drums / Backing Vox
Sam Jones – Lead Guitar / Synths
Charlie Seisay – Bass Guitar

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