Hop on board with Celtic Punk pirates PADDY AND THE RATS and sail into their upcoming album From Wasteland To Wonderland, out April 29, 2022 via Napalm Records! With their mix of pub tunes and punk rock accompanied by Celtic accents, PADDY AND THE RATS welcome the listener into a blustery world of pirates and sailors abound with their new offering. From Wasteland To Wonderland builds upon the energetic mood of its predecessor, Riot City Outlaws, resulting in a mighty seaworthy successor!

Before taking to the high seas though, the pirate gang puts their first boot forward by showcasing their most vulnerable side while telling of one of the most difficult periods in their band history. The band’s new single, “After The Rain”, is a heartfelt dedication to accordion player Bernie Bellamy (Bernát Babicsek), who sadly passed away at the start of 2022 – just months before the upcoming release of From Wasteland To Wonderland, which they had worked hard on and looked forward to releasing together. The ballad celebrates Bellamy with a longing melody accented by violin elements, ensuring that he will sail forever in our hearts. 

Today, PADDY AND THE RATS have released a lyric video featuring precious memories of Bernie, which will be followed by an official video to be released next week on March 9, 2022.

PADDY AND THE RATS on “After The Rain”:
“This album became very important to us because this is the last thing that Bernie recorded in his life. 
We’d like to dedicate the first single of the album to Bernie and to express all our emotions through the song we release first. That’s why we’ve chosen ‘After The Rain’. It’s a sad song but it also has a fully positive vibe. Sadness and desperation are there through the whole song, but meanwhile, you can feel something powerful when the pipe and the accordion come in at the drop. It conveys the feeling that you have to be strong and you have to move on. The last line in the chorus says: ‘After the rain, sunshine will never be the same’.
I think this is the essence of the song. The absence of Bernie will be more endurable with time, but nothing will ever be the same without him.”

Paddy O’Reilly – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Sam McKenzie – Fiddle, Bagpipe, Banjo, Whistle’s
Bernie Bellamy – Accordion, Backing Vocals †
Joey MacOnkay – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Vince Murphy – Bass, Backing Vocals
Seamus Conelly – Drums