The Hawkins releases “Turncoat Killer” via The Sign Records. The second single leading up to the Swedish garage rock outfit’s new mini-album “Aftermath”.

Following the release of 2020’s “Silence is a Bomb” and its affiliated live-album “Live in the Woods”, The Hawkins decided to make something different. The result is “Aftermath”, a conceptual mini-album, lyrically dealing with the destructive aftermath of past relationships. With a mix of dark humor and entertaining songwriting, The Hawkins combines dead seriousness and fun into an ambivalent take on garage-punk-n-roll.

“Turncoat Killer” is the second single leading up to The Hawkins’ new mini-album. The single is out on all streaming platforms on July 2, 2021 via The Sign Records.

The Hawkins launch new single “Turncoat Killer”

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