Kiama: Sign of IV (2016)


Rob Reed’s new all star prog project leaves Garry excited

When an album drops in your lap featuring guys who have worked in bands such as Magenta, The Tangent, IQ, Frost & The Reasoning it’s fair to say you get quite excited…..and rightly so.
Rob Reed has assembled a fine band of minstrels together for an album named ‘Sign of IV’ under the mantle Kiama…..and it makes for very enjoyable listening I must say, the album gets off to a fine start with the opener ‘Cold Black Heart’ and this sets the tone for the rest of the album.
This isn’t what you would call a regular Prog album…..although I’ve never totally understand that way of thinking as the beauty of a Prog album is that it takes you on a journey throughout various genres and that’s what you get with ‘Sign of IV’
So many songs on this album such as ‘Muzzled’ ‘Slime’ and ‘Slip Away’ will get multiple airings across the various Prog Rock radio shows….and mine will be no exception….this is an easy album to listen to, it’s beautifully produced and performed.
Whichever era of Prog you favour…..70s, 80s even modern day there is something for everyone with this collection of songs…..Rob Reed and his cohorts can be proud of what they’ve achieved with this album….and I expect it to appear in a few end of year Top 20 Prog album lists…’s got a very good chance of appearing in mine.
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