Keep It Heavy


And how they want you to pay for their latest

Comedy rock kings PSYCHOSTICK have just unleashed ‘So. Heavy.’, their heaviest of heaviest videos ever with the most intense cookie cutter vocals to burst your ear drums!

“So. Heavy. is a favorite from our latest album in all it’s over-downtuned glory.” says guitarist Josh ‘The J’ Key. “We felt it was a worthy video to launch our Patreon, which has been going very well. If you want to help us make more ridiculous videos like we have been, then please support us on Patreon!”

PSYCHOSTICK‘s Patreon campaign allows fans to make pledges to the band to produce videos more frequently plus give exclusives and behind-the-scenes access to everything they’re working on, as well as supporting the DIY band and their video production group.

Full details at the following link:

Unfortunately, their guitarist Josh ‘The J’ Key didn’t understand Patreon right away… so please watch this video of the rest of the band explaining it to him. FYI they needed to visit a doctor!

Video – Josh Doesn’t Understand Patreon –

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