Fogerty explains, “When the world stopped in March due to the pandemic, the news was bleak and scary. We were all unsure of everything we once knew or took for granted. However, it also brought many of us together, we soon found we had time we never had before.  Our family wanted to do something that might bring a smile or help others, so Julie suggested we bring music to ease some of the pain we were all feeling. In our family, music has brought us so much joy and we thought we could somehow share that joy in a pure, unscripted form. So, we gathered in our home studio and created music. There were many instruments the kids picked up for the first time, especially Kelsy who had just started playing guitar and even played drums for the first time. She was a senior then and wasn’t able, like so many, to enjoy her last year of high school. This was a wonderful way of connecting with our family and fans through music.”


The Family even recreated the classic cover of Cosmo’s Factory transforming the original idea from 50 years ago into what is now known as, Fogerty’s Factory.  Both the original cover as well as the new Fogerty’s Factory cover, were both shot by another family member, Bob Fogerty. As John recalls, “Julie had said let’s call this Fogerty’s Factory!  There we were, the whole family coming together and producing music with no real purpose other than to share our love of music and family in a very difficult time. We even re-created the iconic Cosmo’s Factory cover using things we had around the house.  Remember no stores or fancy productions were used since nothing was open. It came out perfectly.”


Fogerty’s Factory track listing:


1. Centerfield (Dodgers Stadium Version)

2. Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Colbert)

3. Lean On Me

4. Hot Rod Heart

5. Blue Moon Nights

6. Tombstone Shadow

7. City Of New Orleans

8. Proud Mary

9. Blueboy

10. Bad Moon Rising (SiriusXM)

11. Fortunate Son (SiriusXM)

12. Don’t You Wish It Was True 


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Check out John Fogerty’s YouTube channel for all of the Fogerty Factory videos!

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