On 9 July, cult St Albans band – THE POCKET GODS – release their ultimate summer indie anthem: ‘Sunny Day’.
Written about surviving a very hot Summer living in the city where “the grass has turned to dust”, the pairing of Noel Storey and Mark Christopher Lee deliver a quirky, catchy and universally relatable new cut. Matching breezy jangle-pop arrangements to chiming xylophones and guitar breaks that blaze like beams of sunshine, The Pocket Gods announce the arrival of the golden season with classic indie style.
Produced by indie legend Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Stereolab, Placebo), the track is taken from their new best-of compilation ‘Tin Foil Hat Chameleon’ (Vol.2), the Deluxe Special Edition of which hits the shelves on 30th July 2021 (via the Nub Music label) and will offer a bonus selection of additional material.
Also featured on the LP is the zippy, zany new track: “If You See A UFO Who Ya Gonna Call? Nick Pope!”, which is coupled with an official video release today. Watch here:
Written in tribute to the world’s leading UFOlogist and former head of the M.o.D’s UFO desk, Nick Pope has been described as the real-life equivalent of the X-Files’ protagonist Fox Mulder. Already a verified fan of the track along with his thousands of Twitter fans, Pope can be seen to feature in The Pocket Gods new video too.
No strangers to a song about extraterrestrial life, in 2021 The Pocket Gods have just received news they will be regaining their official Guinness World Record for ‘the world’s longest song’ with their 48-hour long “Song For First Contact”; a track about possible imminent first contact between humans and ET’s. In addition, The Gods will also be holding the Guiness World Record title for ‘most songs/tracks on a digital album’, with the 456-track long opus ‘Morse Code Days In Lockdown’ album.

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